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Interactive Showroom

The interactive showroom has been developed as a product presentation tool for building materials. The program enables you to present the outside of a house in 3d.

After a specific type of house has been selected, types of brick and grout colour can be adapted to the wishes of the client. Different kinds of roofing can be applied, and window frames, roof details, doors, façades etc, can be given different colours.

It is also possible to print the final result, together with a list of the chosen materials. The program is provided with a CMS system which enables the addition of new types of bricks. These are saved as textures for the 3d model. As an extra these textures can be emailed to interested parties (e.g. architects) who can in turn use these to develop artistic impressions.

CMS for graphic designers

We have developed this CMS specifically for graphic designers. It is a very user friendly CMS in which the user needs almost no instruction.

The CMS is mainly suitable for the aforementioned target audience because of its ability to save photo-formats (dimensions) within a design. It also shows new cut outs, in the correct dimensions, when replacing or adapting a representation. Flash fonts and flash movies are also supported.

The CMS itself is also written in flash, which makes it possible to move and adapt the pages and models through the use of drag & drop.